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Harry potter & the Philosopher’s stone

Harry Potter thinks he is an ordinary boy – until he is rescued by a beetle-eyed man, enrols at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry , learns to play Quidditch and does battle in a deadly duel. The reasons: HARRY POTTER IS A WIZARD!

” The harry potter books
are that rare
thing, a series of
stories adored by children
and parents alike”
The Daily Telegraph

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Another Competition …

What about this one?


I have never heard of most of these books!  Let me know what you think of the shortlist.  They have a competition going too – you can either draw your favourite character from a shortlisted picture books of your choice or redesign the cover of one of the shortlisted books.  Maybe we can try and hunt these out when we go and visit the Norfolk Children’s Book Centre?

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100WC – What do you think?

Can you have a look at this website for me and think about if you like the idea of running something similar?  I think that 100 words a week is possible don’t you?!  We could set it up across the school (maybe in the social zone?) and take pictures of our favourite ones each week to put on the blog?



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Reading Rangers – Challenge 1!

Morning everyone,

I’m really looking forward to seeing you at lunchtime.  We will meet in the ICT suite as I think the ipads are causing problems when you are trying to post your blogs.

I would like you to have a look at the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway medals.  I wonder if you have ever heard of these awards or know w00 these people were.  I must admit that although I know about the awards, I know nothing about the people who they are named after!

So your tasks for this week are:

What are the awards and who are the people they are named after?

Look at last years shortlist and the winner.  Do we have any of these books in our library?  Are there any you would like us to get for you to review?  Next years shortlist comes out on TUESDAY 15 MARCH 2016.  I think we should definitely try and get involved and review some of these.  Perhaps videoing and posting online as you have previoulsy suggested?!

See you later on today,

Miss K

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The last wild and One dog and his boy review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Kingsley has set us a challenge to pick two books, decide which teacher would like them and which year would like the book……..

I have chosen ‘The Last Wild’ which I read the blurb on and it sounded really good. I haven’t had the time to read a lot of it yet :3…..But I have read the first few sentences and it sounds so good. It is about a boy who has an AWESOME ability to hear what animals are saying and can reply to them! The first part is about him (I don’t know his name yet) in his room and there are lots of pigeons all talking to him……AWESOME!!!!

The other book i have chosen is ‘One dog and his boy’ which I have ALSO read the blurb on and it sounds quite depressing. I have ALSO not been able to read a lot of that either.Just the first few sentences and they are about him wanting a dog for His birthday but thinking that he won’t get it. The story is about a boy who desperately wants a dog and on his birthday and gets it….but what his parents don’t tell him is that it is only his for a week……I kinda like depressing things…… X3

So yeah….that’s it….I WILL read the books today….I promise.

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Liar and Spy and The Flask

Miss Kingsley has given us the challenge of picking some recommended books and reading them to see whether they would be good power of reading books of not.

I chose The Flask and Liar and Spy. So far I have really enjoyed them.

The Flask:
This book is my personal favourite of the two. Its about this girl called Jess who has new conjoined twin brothers. She is constantly falling out with her friend Zoe. After her favourite aunts death she is given a desk and finds an old flask ina drawer she is convinced that it contains something magical……
I would suggest this for yr 6 girls and it is not a very good whole class book.
Liar and Spy:
This book about a boy called Georges who moves house and meets a guy called Safer and his little sister Candy who turn out to be spies! Georges joins them. I haven’t read much of it but it looks like a good whole class book for yr5.

By Rosie

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The story of the Blue Planet

This book is great for years 4-5 as its childish but disturbing in the fact that an old guy wants a child’s heart but it’s still AMAZING!!

If a teacher had this book they could get their students to make a poem of the butterflies or make their own.

Must dash to class, more to follow next week.

Over and out


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